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Remote Work – The Future

The internet has given us some very interesting insights. Some more useful and interesting than other. One such thing that nobody would have predicted 5 years back from now is the opportunity for anyone to work from anywhere around the world to employers that are literally on the opposite side of the planet.

We all have been accustomed to the traditional work settings so much that we fail to see the disadvantages especially the cost pertaining to that traditional method. Now with the booming growth of internet it has been proven that working from the comfort of your living room itself is possible with no doubt and equal or even more effective than that of a traditional setting.

the internet has given us some very interesting insights.

Remotely is a new concept to us but working remotely is. Yes, there are more than 5% of the whole world population of children who are being homeschooled. In other words, studying remotely.

Working remotely corelates to homeschooling in many ways. Such as both of them are throwing away the entire protocols or structures, unnecessary commuting time and expenses and most of all it skips all the irrelevant potentially unwanted information that are forced into.

Both of them concentrates entirely on the essence of the purpose.

Remote work – millenials

In quite a few years more than 70% of the work force would be millennials and they are not going to be employees but bosses. And millennials as we know are impatient and of course they are not going to sit down in their office cubicle until the sun goes down to submit a project which they could do through an email sitting on their couches.

remote work millenials

Working distantly is ostensibly advantageous for both employees and employers. For what reason would organizations keep on burning through cash on leasing office space, taking care of power expenses, employing janitorial staff and replacing furniture and spend money on office arrangements, also why would employees spend more than 75% of their awake life sitting under fluorescent lights, struck in traffic and driving in gridlock?

Remote work – Future

How will the world look like if the majority of the workforce does not have to physically go to work?

A whole days work will be effectively completed in half, employees will end ups pending the rest of the time productively with family friends and entertainments helping them reduce the stress and anxiety levels way below the current ones. All those sky high skyscrapers and office buildings completely erased out of existence, all those places being converted to parks, greeneries, plantations thus reducing the carbon footprint and greenhouse emissions.

Gridlock being a nonoccurrence. An average employee spends around 1/10th of his wages on fuel to commute to and from work. That being saved and used for some other necessary expenses. That transformation is heavenly and how it will turn out is literally anyone’s guess.

“It is by no means an irrational fancy that, in a future existence, we shall look upon what we think our present existence, as a dream.”

― Edgar Allan Poe

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