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Frequently Asked Questions.

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No. Remotejobs does not require any software, other than an internet browser to use our service.
When a recruiter doesn't take action on a job application, it expires after two weeks. We do this because a recruiter is most unlikely to respond to the job application after that point. This process will help you keep your remote job search momentum going on. Further, we also notify job seekers about expired job applications via emails.
Multiple opportunities can be applied at the discretion of the candidates. However, we encourage our candidates to take the time to understand the nature of the job and the company, and be selective with their job applications instead of openly applying to multiple opportunities.
Remotejobs does not guarantee job placement. While we do the validation on all the remote jobs we list, the hiring process is directly handled by the employers. However, Remotejobs does guarantee that you’ll find only verified and professional remote jobs on our portal.
Remotejobs is different from other online job portals in many ways:
  • You won’t find job scams, too-good-to-be-true business opportunities or junk jobs on Remotejobs.
  • Remote jobs are the whole focus of our job portal. And every remote job we post is first checked and verified by our team that it meets our criteria before we serve it up to you.
  • Our user-friendly job listings make it easy for you to find the best, most current, remote jobs available.
First, you need to have a premium subscription to Remotejobs to see the entire list of employers, view full job details, or apply for any remote job. Each employer decides how they want you to apply for jobs through Remotejobs. Employers can create the job post to let you apply through Remotejobs, or require you to apply directly from the careers page on their official business websites.   Some employers may request that you email your resume and cover letter. When this happens, the email address will be provided in the job listing on Remotejobs.
Remotejobs team works with innovative companies around the globe offering independent positions. So, here you can find flexible remote roles with high-growth opportunities.
with our Advanced Search option, you can do your job search by job types, location, work hours, and more. You can select multiple search criteria to find the best remote job that matches your skill sets, passion and the type of convenient you are seeking.
Yes! Our amazing resource team verified every single job and company listed to our portal, so you will only find jobs and companies that are legitimate and professional. We do not post any remote jobs that we find questionable or anything from companies that do not meet our criteria for legitimacy. Our goal is to help job seekers find legitimate remote jobs and to make the job search experience a better, safer, and faster one. Our dedicated team validate every single position so that our users can apply without fear of scams, identity theft, fraud, or other security issues.
Yes! Remote jobs are ideal for many job seekers who are looking to make extra money while maintaining their full-time work. Here you can find remote jobs that offer part-time working opportunities or those with flexible work hours. There are remote job options that can be done around a 40-hour work schedule.