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Company Description

Our mission is to help companies grow faster by helping them understand and control their cash flow in real-time instead of just reporting on it. Strong cash flow generation is the single biggest determinant of a company’s ability to grow. It also affords management the freedom to optimize for long-term bets and truly innovate.

Jeff Bezos said it best in his letters to shareholders over a decade ago when he foreshadowed how he’d create a tech giant:

Measure Everything: “There is a right answer or a wrong answer, a better answer or a worse answer, and math tells us which is which” (2004)

Focus on Cash Flow: “Shares are worth only the present value of their future cash flows, not the present value of their future earnings” (2005)

Optimize for the Long-term: “Long-term thinking… supports the failure and iteration required for invention, and it frees us to pioneer in unexplored spaces” (2008)

Our customers use Tesorio’s prediction of cash inflows and outflows for proactive decision-making, while our workflow tools for managing collections, payments and currency exposures provide levers to adjust timing and mitigate risk in their cash flow.

We’re backed by blue-chip investors from the Forbes Midas List (Josh Kopelman and Mike Maples), leading finance software founders (Bobby Lent, co-founder of Ariba, and Rob Hull, founder of Adaptive Insights), and finance industry titans (Jeff Epstein, ex-CFO of Oracle, Ken Goldman, ex-CFO of Yahoo, and Keith Nilsson, ex-TPG and Head of Corporate Development at Yahoo!, led the Alibaba acquisition).