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Company Description

We are now officially in a multi-device world. 2 in 3 e-commerce shoppers start their interaction on one device, likely their smartphone, and continue that journey on another. As marketers competing for consumers’ attention in an increasingly noisy setting, it is imperative that we make those journeys seamless experiences, regardless of what device your customers are on. That’s the mission we are obsessed with at Swym – creating delightfully seamless shopping journeys for your customers.

The typical shopping journey today spans multiple sessions/channels/devices, with a majority of e-commerce purchases resulting from a multi-session shopping experience. E-commerce sites are not adequately equipped to facilitate this new usage pattern, leaving their customers on their own to navigate between devices. Swym powers a cross-channel shopping platform for retailers, built to intuitively address the needs of today’s consumer, and can be easily integrated into an existing e-commerce site. Retailers can leverage the Swym platform to maximize the value of each customer interaction by enabling seamless multi-screen shopping experiences for shoppers.

Swym is a proud member of the Techstars family, with offices in Seattle, WA and Bangalore, India.