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Company Description

Swoop is a stealth mode startup building a secure data platform to enable intelligent action at the Edge. We started as a distributed enterprise search engine, but consistently got asked by our customers to enable our searches to run at their outermost edge, where they could get answers as quickly as possible. To make this functionality available for our customers, we built our platform to enable search at the Edge, and in the process, our search application became the first of many other applications Swoop or our customers have built to run on the Swoop Edge Platform. Today, our platform enables customers to securely migrate or re-build mission critical, core business functions to run on the sensor or across sensors. In order to accomplish this we are solving problems across the technology stack from low level drivers/controllers, operating systems, kernel development, machine learning/AI, networking, distributed search, distributed indexing, PNT, visualization and information presentation, and advanced security. If any organization, developer, or government entity wants to build or run applications benefitting from access to or running on sensors, we want Swoop to be the go-to platform upon which they build.