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Together, we can tell new stories, share knowledge, and encourage connections

Technology accelerates progress and connects the world with new possibilities. Now take that idea, aim it at the healthcare landscape, and you’ve got a technology platform we call NORA®. It’s our Network Oriented Research Assistant that brings research directly to patients in their homes through telemedicine. In the real-world, time makes or breaks a project; distance means limits. We designed NORA as the solution: Reach patients wherever they are, cut the distance in the physical world, and ensure end-to-end management in a clinical trial. Sounds dreamy, right? It’s technology built to humanize science from the first steps of trial design. A tech triumph, it’s a practical, innovative way to make a positive impact on our communities. Maybe you’ve pictured science as something that can only come from a sterile lab. That’s not us. We’re actively meeting needs in underserved populations. We’re bustling and tinkering with breakthrough technology. And we’re always mindful about how science can serve the world. Bold in our approach, we’re changing the healthcare landscape for the better and making science a focal point in people’s lives. Inclusiveness, collaboration, and the extraordinarily awesome define us.