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Company Description

Quick’rCare is the better immediate healthcare experience for every patient. Started in 2016, we’ve worked to fix the broken systems that get in the way of good immediate care by uniting modern patients and providers.

It all started when our founder was trying to give some advice to a friend to go to an immediate care facility, but neither one of them knew where to go. So they searched online and asked friend close by, but they got all kinds of answer like the hospital, the local walk in clinic, and even to go home to mom! So this founder’s friend decided to walk into the hospital hours later and came out with huge bill. From there, the light bulb went off and Quick’rCare was born.

Trying to find an immediate care facility that meets your needs? With Quick’rCare, it’s as simple as it should be. You can easily find a facility, reserve you’re your spot in line, and do all your waiting at home. Do you want to chat with a medical professional for Quick’r results? Quick’rCare allows you to chat with a professional online before you make the decision to spend time in the hospital for unnecessary care.

We are positive that you are not always going to receive the experience you want. Quick’rCare will continue to think outside the box to deliver the best experience to the patient.