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Company Description

Getting lifesaving tech into doctor’s hands

At Arrakis, we’re making sure that lifesaving healthcare technologies get adopted by doctors fast. We do that by building better software for sales and marketing teams selling into healthcare. We help them answer questions like: which doctors have patients that can benefit from the technology? Or, what do doctors wish existed? If a healthcare technology faIls in a forest, and no one is around, does it make a sound? It’s our mission to ensure that lifesaving technologies are heard. Arrakis was founded by two experienced entrepreneurs and good friends: Sam (CEO – SF Bay Area) & Sav (CTO – London). Previously, Sam founded a healthcare start-up, which raised money from leading venture investors like A16z and YC, and Sav was the CTO of a $50M/yr start-up. We are looking to hire outrageously talented engineers and data scientists in a time zone that overlaps at least 5hrs/day with London.